Your Book Witch sessions

Gathering The Bones

During our fist call together, we greet & gather.
Your Book Witch initiates the circle to learn of your intentions and preferences during this evolution of your life.
We focus on who you are in this very moment.
It is of high importance to intuit the energy that will birth your own magickal book into physicality.
Our union in your book building journey begins here. 
Initiation energy is our main focus during this call.

Spell Weaving

You bring your magick and I bring you options.
Merry we meet again to alchemize your desired feelings to merge with beautiful design options.
This is where your very own
hand-bound thought vessel begins to take perfect form.
We consciously align the energy necessary for birthing your magical tool into existence. 
I offer you a ritual fit for the season and when we meet again you have your book baby in your hands. 

Book Blessing

You've received and are holding on to your magickal book, and we're not finished yet.
The circle remains open while
Your Book Witch guides you through an imprinting meditation to set a seal over your book.
She then releases energy to cut any cords between her and your book. With gratitude,
more rituals are shared, and blessings are bestowed.
For now we part, until the time we create a magick book together again.

And so it is!

Your unique Mountain Bound book

Drop element here!
Drop element here!


Need a Witch to make a book just for you?
Look no further.

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