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I'm Jess,
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Your Book Witch sessions

Gathering The Bones

During our fist call together, we gather your intentions and learn more about your preferences during this evolution in your life. We focus on who you are in this very moment. When we meet again you will have chosen what spell to bind your book to and I will have chosen paper designs to suit your soul.

Spell Weaving

You bring your magick and I bring the options-  Merry we meet again to alchemize your desired feelings and beautiful design options into your own hand bound thought vessel.
I offer you a ritual fitting for the season and when we meet again you have your book baby in your hands. 

Book Blessing

This time your own unique journal has been born in physicality and we need to energetically tune you both together. Your Book witch then guides you to set a seal over your book. She then releases and cuts any cords between her and the book and for now we part.

Your Book Witch


When Jess reached out to me to tell me about this new offering that she was launching into the world, I was immediately ecstatic. I knew that it would be nothing short of magical. The first session, she really listened to me and what I wanted. Though I was unclear as to what the book would actually be used for, I knew it would all come together as Jess worked her magic over it. The second session, I truly felt like she had meditated on ME in the most ethical of ways, tapping into the aura of my essence without invading my energetic space. She based all of the options for covers that she chose on that experience, and it was palpable. When I received the book, it could not have been at a more perfect time. Everything seemed to fall right into place, and I was even asked by my higher guidance to do a very intentional ritual in unpacking the book. Within the process, I felt the most deeply connected to myself that I have since I was a child, even, tapping into deeper layers than I had been able to tap into, before. I could not be more grateful to Jess and her incredible gifts. She truly is a BOOK WITCH!.


Jess is great. She is warm and friendly, and made me feel super comfortable throughout the process. I love the way she brings ritual into the creation of the book. She takes her time, and puts a lot of love, care and intention into book making. I also learned about myself along the way, from answering her questions/doing the book blessing meditation.
My favorite part was the book blessing. That's when I really felt it all come together. Jess led a lovely meditation, which ended up being a pretty profound experience. This is when I feel my book really came alive.


I see much of my writing as the language of my soul entering this world. The book Jess crafted has given me a book that feels so sacred for containing my heart. I loved the whole process and look forward to more journals in the future. Also would make a great gift I think.
What was your favorite part of the whole experience?
Seeing how Jess took my answers and was able to interpret and put my energy into every step of the way 


The books are beautiful! I'm obsessed with how they came out. They are my safe place to say exactly what I feel and think, and guard all my ideas for my business and my personal life. 

Mary - Margaret

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