Your Book Witch Sessions *Payment Plan*

Your Book Witch Sessions *Payment Plan*

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Do you ever shop for a blank journal searching for the one that is just perfect for you? I was right there when I realized everyone needed a blank book that looked and felt just like them. Custom made books are always my favorite because I get to really spend time talking to people about their desires and life intentions. Creating a custom spellbound book together is like nothing you've ever done before.

In three separate video calls together we:

one* Gather the Bones - 30 minutes - Dig up the compost that your life before has made, and transform it from rot to rich soil, pick through it to find all the bones that are your desires, what you want, who you want to be. I'll ask you some personality-type questions and get a feel for who you are. I guide you in choosing a spell that your book will be sewn with and we meet again when you choose to schedule our second call.

two* Spell Weaving - 20 minutes- You bring the spell, I'll bring your array of book cover choices, and we'll find which one you love the most! We get clear on where you want to be, how your book can assist you, and then I offer you a ritual you can carry home with you.

After this call, I carefully and lovingly bring your unique & recycled book baby to life, swaddle it in plastic-free and zero-waste packaging, & send it to your mailbox.

When you have your book in your hands, you're ready for our 3rd call. 

three* Book Blessing - 20 minutes - Your Book Witch (that's me!) guides you through energetic meditation where we bind you and your spellbound book together forever. I offer tips, another ritual, and then do a little more at sunset to release my energy from your book. We part then, but now more connected than ever. 

This is a journey like no other. You will have the sense and words to focus and gain momentum on your path and now you're further equipped with a tool absolutely infused with your own sacred power. I'm Your Book Witch, but you hold all your own magick. Just wait and see!

(( US Shipping is included in this price. If you live outside of the US please e-mail me at and I can get you a personalized price quote. ))

This is the option you would choose to make payments on Your Book Witch custom book sessions. Otherwise, you can use the Your Book Witch link at the top of the page up there to pay in full via Paypal. MBB partners with Quad Pay to set you up with four payments every two weeks. Choose this option and we can get started right away.

Next, I e-mail you a link to schedule together and we will soon be in the same space. Your very own magick book is well on its way to you. See you there!