Your Book Witch Being a Wayshower || STUDIO VLOG #18 || November 2020 || Mountain Bound Books


💠 Getting ready for December like...
Episode 18


💠Your Book Witch Inner Circle is accepting Seeking Scribes, Word Wizards, Magick Makers, Medicine Chests, and All Seeing Eyes. Our Inner Circle virtual OPEN MIC is on November 28th! It's $10 to drop in for the month and that gets you Inner Circle credits in these youtube videos and the daily journal prompt collection growing in Patreon.

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💠 Your Book Witch creation sessions are a magickal way we can build a book together. Through three 1-on-1 calls we spellbind your very own unique journal. Here is my calendar: Click this link to schedule:

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💠Music picked by Linda.

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