Your Book Witch gets back on track! || STUDIO VLOG #10 || 9/29/2020 || Mountain Bound Books

💠 It's been a little rough and a little rewarding. I'm livin' for it! Blessings within, blessings without, honoring the truth beyond any measure of doubt. I am here to build the bridge and claim my name. I am here to lead and life is my game.
Episode 10 -Join me!


💠Your Book Witch Inner Circle is accepting Seeking Scribes, Word Wizards, Magick Makers, Medicine Chests, and All Seeing Eyes.
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💠 See you next Tuesday 10/6/2020 for another Bookshop Vlog!

💠Music from Youtube's audio library-
Dan Henig, NoMBe, The Great North Sound Society

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