Mountain Bound Books Help Preserve Your Thoughts and Protect the Earth

From the beginning of time, humans have longed to leave a piece of their souls in writing. The ancients used clay, tapping out their symbols with a triangular instrument into the moist mud, and then patiently dried the tablets to share with the world. The desire for more portable yet permanent collections of one’s thoughts gave birth to the innovative use of Papyrus, a thick type of paper made from the pith of papyrus plants. Humans throughout history have made use of bone, shells, and the like to collect their thoughts and bare their souls.

In today’s world, that yearning to leave a piece of ourselves in written form persists, and Mountain Books offers you a way to capture those thoughts while helping to conserve nature.

Like the ancients, we know a book is more than just a book. It is more than just script on a page. A book is fertile ground for your soul to linger upon. Hope spreads its wings wide inside its pages. Ideas for your greater good can fully form. You unfold your intentions on every page. It's your story, and you can write it however you want to.

This repository buzzes with energy and matches your frequency. It holds the cycles of your creative fire: The muse that is your catalyst, enlightenment, transformation, rebuilding, and growth. The conscious thought vessel is not simply a book. It's the tool in which you bridge the gap between the surface life you live and the life beneath in your incredible imagination.
It's a Mountain Bound Book.

The concept for Mountain Bound Books was born like a phoenix- out from the ashes of failure. In 2014, I applied for an art scholarship that would help fund this recycled book project and was denied. Despite the stumbling block, I resolved to never give up. It took me years to get to you, dear reader, but we are here now.

My goal was simple: to make notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, agendas, planners, and guestbooks from food boxes that people generally throw away. I am inspired by a repurposed item and find my creativity there.

First, I asked the hardworking people who participate in our local county farmers’ market to collect cereal boxes for me so I could start my book business. What began with three families has quickly grown to a dozen or more houses stashing away boxes for me. In return, I pay them back in whatever is needed. Sometimes payment takes the form of books. Other times its food to nourish the body or a story to feed the soul. Sometimes it's simply just a handshake and a smile.

Once I receive the cardboard treasures, I take them to my home studio and get to chopping with my guillotine paper cutter. I use stencils to trace out book covers. I create cardboard keys to ensure the books remain consistent. There is paper that needs to be cut and sized as well. Bone folders are the bookbinder’s faithful friend in this mission. Holes are punched next, making it easier for the needle to pierce and bind the paper. The book is then carefully constructed with organic cotton thread and conditioned for strength with local beeswax.

Keeping with the earth loving vibe, I knew I must fill these books with paper that wasn't made of Earth's long-standing trees. During the search for the right paper, I avoided all that had been bleached with chlorine (TCF). The bagasse paper we use is made of Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF). Bagasse fiber is derived from sugarcane waste. It can be harvested again in 1-2 years without replanting, unlike trees that would take about 30 years. It's essential that the glue and thread holding together a Mountain Bound Book be free of pesticides (organic) and formaldehyde free (No volatile organic compounds (VOC)). Every part of the design was considered and reconsidered until the perfect vessels emerged.

Mountain Bound Books are an extraordinary accessory you can be proud to carry with you. Be certain your book is heart-strong and sturdy, exquisitely rare, environmentally conscious, and most relevant to this planet we share today.

This is a seasonal release product line. Every season of the year on the Solstices and Equinoxes, Mountain Bound Books makes available a limited number of unique books for purchase.

If all our books are sold out, please sign yourself up using the link below for the next release information. Because we are a small company with a desire to produce quality goods, we are currently not accepting custom orders. Please e-mail me with any questions.

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